BroadwayWorld on Pyre Cantata at HERE ARTS:

"Pyre Cantata, an electric new R&B musical, will be performed at HERE"

Call Me Adam - Interview with Kiah Victoria on Pyre Cantata:

"... Audiences leave the room feeling a sense of triumph. Whether it’s from the incredible music, or the plight of "Ismene," I hope people feel that amidst darkness there is a spark of light. " - Kiah Victoria, Singer

Call Me Adam - Interview with Zachary Infante on Pyre Cantata

"[Pyre Cantata's] music and lyrics have managed to reverberate beyond the theater. An audience will undoubtedly find the controversy in Pyre Cantata to be relevant in our world today, and I hope it will stir a dialogue about war and corruption." - Zachary Infante, Actor